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Dreamy white and gold furniture

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Dreamy white and gold furniture

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Golden color is one of the suitable colors to combine with white in interior decoration. You can use white and gold reception decoration along with traditional or even modern style. In the modern style for interior design, choose the dominant color white and in the traditional style, choose the golden color as the dominant color.

Golden color symbolizes spiritual energy, wealth and power

Golden color is one of the shades of yellow color and the result of the combination of two colors yellow and cream. This color is one of the warm colors and somehow reminds of the heat of the sun.

The combination of white and gold

White is a neutral color and yellow is a warm color. By combining these two colors, you can easily and beautifully create a good balance and harmony in your reception decoration. White reduces the warmth of the golden color and makes it more balanced. You can choose your window frame and chandelier forms in golden color. This choice along with white color for the furniture and another warm color for the reception carpet created a beautiful combination in the reception. Black color is the right color to use in the decoration of white and golden reception.